More than sound engineering:
learn Music Production at LSS

A course at London School of Sound gives you the experience that online tutorials and traditional degree programs cannot offer.

Study while working on your own music, get involved with the music scene in London, collaborate with musicians outside the school; theory and practice combined in hands-on sessions where sound engineering and creativity become Music Production.

“Being a producer takes a lot more than just knowing the equipment”

Open days

Every day is an "open day"; just come to the reception and ask to have a look around.  Meet other students, ask them questions and get a sense of what it's like to study and work at LSS.

If you want to meet a lecturer to discuss your music and interests, you can contact our office and we'll arrange an interview at a time that works for you.

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A Year In The Life...

A visual diary of student life at London School of Sound.

Huge savings for Bands

Study together, work together, up to four people for the price of one!

Music By LSS students

What are they doing?

Check out some of the music that comes out of our classes.

Download the free DJ-style EQ that is still missing in Ableton.

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We are saddened to hear that the historic college of sound engineering Alchemea has gone in to administration.

This came as a shock and a surprise to many in the industry, but it is particularly problematic for those that were studying there now, or looking to start a course soon.

If you were in the middle of a course at Alchemea when it stopped trading, if you paid a deposit for a course, or if you were looking forward to joining a course at Alchemea this Summer or next year, you can now transfer to an equivalent course at London School of Sound free of charge.