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Music Production Certificates

These courses provide elements of sound engineering, music production, sound design, music business. The aim is to provide a balance of usable skills in every aspect of music production while developing a professional and pro-active approach to a career in the music industry.

The coursework and exams within this course are designed to help you get out of your comfort zone and deal with real-world challenges and deadlines, spending many hours doing practical work to improve your speed and confidence.

The skills you develop can help you earn money working with sound in a wide range of jobs, while at the same time expand the scope of your own projects.

Duration: six months / one year / two years
Attendance: full-time / part-time

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Artist Development Program

The Artist Development Program can be an alternative or an extension to the Music Production Certificates.

Depending on the option you choose you can have the same unlimited access to studio facilities, practical studio sessions and one-to-one training, and even the same classes that make the Music Production and Music Business Certificates, but the assessment and nature of your work are very different.

Artist Development is support for your personal and professional growth as an artist: for some people this means working on songwriting skills, inspiration, creativity, for some it means career management, for others it may be just about access to the studios and equipment. In any case success will be measured on your own achievements rather than coursework and exams.

Duration: six months / one year
Attendance: part-time

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Music Business certificates

Short and long-term courses covering a wide spectrum of topics and different levels of interest within the Music Business.
Compared to what is normally found in other schools and universities, all these courses have a very practical approach to the subject, and require a genuine interest for the subject and commitment outside the class.

A great emphasis is given to the role of expert guest speakers and networking, with long-term collaborations between students of music business and music production being a fairly common occurrence.

These courses are developed in partnership with Music Business School and Samplemagic.

Duration: three days / six months / nine months / eighteen months
Attendance: part-time

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Specialist Training Programs

Shorter courses (between one day and twelve weeks) on very specific topics and techniques.

Included in this group:

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Summer Courses

Courses running only during the months of July and August. We recommend booking as early as possible.

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One-to-One / Bespoke

We can arrange bespoke training, customised courses, on-site training for corporate and higher education.

We are used to train staff for music venues, clubs, charities, or provide teacher training and consultancy for other educational institutions

If you have just a few specific questions and no time or interest for a course we can arrange one-to-one sessions for as little as three hours at a time.

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