Advanced Mixing

Every Monday evening for twelve weeks, work with real-world sessions and learn the difference between amateur and professional mixing.

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Twelve weeks of lectures and practice to change the bad habits of a lifetime.

Find practical solutions to practical problems (how-to and how-not-to) and the inspiration to work harder on mixing and mastering your music.

Course Level

This course is designed for producers and musicians who already have one year or more of experience with their choice of Digital Audio Workstation (Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, FL studio, Reason, Reaper, etc).

Course Content

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The elements of a great mix
  • Techniques and tools for specific musical genres
  • Depth and punch for electronic beats
  • Mixing vocals - which effects to use and why
  • Mix workflow
  • Parallel mixing - when and why
  • Secret weapons: an introduction to lesser known plugins and hardware equipment
  • Recommended headphones and speakers
  • Dealing with clients and record labels
  • How much should I charge?
  • Mastering

Your Music

You are welcome to bring your own multi-track sessions or unmastered mixes, to hear the effect of these techniques on something you know well. We also provide many examples from real-world productions and commercially released music.


Most of our examples are based on Pro Tools and Logic, but we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of most other platforms.
Every major software plugin is installed (see below), and the list of external analog outboard includes equipment from Rupert Neve Designs, Manley, Warm Audio, Lindell, Joe Meek, SPL, and others.

Next Courses

This course is not available at the moment.
For similar content check this advanced four-day mixing and mastering course instead.

Course Details

code MP-500
name Advanced Mixing
duration Twelve weeks part-time
frequency Monday evenings (6pm-9pm)
level advanced


  • This course has given me the skills I needed to see my productions through from beginning to end.

    Aaron J Pillette

  • It's like I never really understood what to do with effects. Everything makes sense now.

    Michel Radzi

  • It's amazing when you're shown the way... It's not really about the fancy toys, it changes how you listen to sound.

    Shaun Gordon

  • I thought I knew what EQ does and how to use it… I was wrong. I’d recommend this course to anyone.

    Lucia Keller

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About the lecturer

For the current academic term we are very fortunate to have professional sound engineer Matt Foster leading this course.

Equally at home working with some of the biggest names in pop or the most underground trap and grime producers (check the links below), Matt can easily switch between large analogue desks to Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and make anything sound great regardless of the technology.

Check this page for a full list of credits, and hear a few audio examples from his soundcloud page.

Equipment related to this course

Universal Audio plugins and Apollo interfaces are the best investment any studio can make in terms of sound results and value for money. Our all-time favourite.

Waves plugins are the closest thing to a universal standard, but can you make the most out of them? And which ones are really a must-have?

Fab-filter makes many excellent plugins, but their EQ and compression in particular are the default choice for most engineers

SoundToys are another brand that is mentioned by every professional engineer in their equipment list: their delay, saturation and pan effects have no rivals.

Lindell Audio manufacture some really exciting all-analogue modules which make classic compression and eq affordable to anyone.

...and many more. Thanks to our friends at Red Dog Music we are able to access almost any piece of high-end audio gear at a moment's notice.