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Three-day course for Logic Pro, certified by Apple.

The best choice for beginners with no experience of Logic, but also ideal for long-time Logic users who need to cover a few 'grey areas' and learn the new features of Logic X.


  • Learn how to put your ideas in to music with Logic Pro X.
  • Prepare for Apple's official Logic User certification exam.

In this Unit you will...

  • Learn to program drums and rhythm tracks
  • Create a basic arrangement
  • Use Logic's virtual instruments and loops
  • Record and edit MIDI tracks
  • Perform advanced audio editing
  • Fix tune and timing problems on vocals and other audio tracks
  • Use effects and compression
  • Use automation to mix your song
  • Export your finished song in a format ready to burn to CD or upload to a website
  • Troubleshoot and configure Logic for best performance


Day one - Logic 101
Make music with Logic: a step-by-step guide to creating a complete arrangement with Logic, from zero to mix
Recording Audio
Editing Audio
Day two - Logic 101
Recording MIDI
Programming and Editing MIDI
Programming Drums
Manipulating Tempo and Time Stretching
Arranging and Preparing for the Mix
Day three - Logic 101
Automating the Mix and Using Control Surfaces
Troubleshooting and Optimization
Certification Exam
Exam Review, Wrap Up
Apple Certification

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Course Details

unit code U-0213
name Logic 101 (LP101)
duration three days
frequency Sat-Sun-Mon

level beginner

Frequently Asked

Do I need to take the exam immediately after the course?
No, you can take the exam on the last day of the course OR you can come back anytime* within a month, it's your choice.

I already know Logic, can I take the certification exam without paying for the full course?
Yes, select the option for 'exam only' and contact the school to arrange the date and time* of your exam.

* Exams must be taken during office hours, Monday to Friday.