Artist and Career Development

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This program is about developing talent, giving the kind of support you would expect from a good manager or record company, but with the benefit of impartial advice and guidance to help you progress toward those deals.

Why Artist Development?

Some people find it difficult to get started, some struggle to finish anything, some have great potential but risks getting lost along the way, some do a lot of work but their career is not moving.

This program applies to performing musicians, songwriters, but also producers, electronic musicians, engineers; it works as an extension or an alternative to the regular music production certificates.

What is covered?

Everyone is unique, so this program is fine-tuned for each student; here are some examples of the areas we can work on:

  • Inspiration and creativity
  • songcrafting and arrangement
  • stagecraft and live performance
  • career building and management
  • sound design, experimenting with sound
  • artistic production
  • contracts to sign and contracts to avoid

Throughout the school term you will be meeting regularly with your mentors to evaluate your progress, get tuition or advice on your music and career moves.

You will attend classes and talks featuring agents, manager, music accountants and lawyers, artists and label owners, music teacher and vocal coaches...

How is this different from a Music Production Certificate?

Depending on the option you choose you can have the same unlimited access to studio facilities, practical studio sessions and one-to-one training, and even the same classes that make the Music Production and Music Business Certificates, but the assessment and nature of your work are very different.

The Artist Development Program (ADP) is about giving you support for growth and development as an artist: for some people this means working on songwriting skills, inspiration, creativity, for some it means career management, for others it may be just about access to the studios and equipment.

In any case the ADP certificate is assessed on your personal projects and doesn't require doing coursework which isn't relevant to your interests.

If there are no exams, how does it work?

First of all we go through an interview to establish whether you may benefit from more personal sessions (mentoring), access to facilities (guided sessions), or something else entirely.

Then, at the start of the term we agree on a personal goal, which could be to write a certain number of songs, record an EP, produce a band, achieve a certain number of fans on a social platform... in some cases our work will be focused on working around a creative block, in other cases it may be all about career moves and getting recognition for you as an artist or engineer.

Based on this goal, we set intermediate goals and deadlines, and throughout the Term we work on achieving those goals. In the meantime you continue attending lectures, use the school's facilities, and meet regularly with your mentors to check on your progress and get additional training.

A Certificate is released on achievement of your goal or a sufficient number of intermediate goals, and more importantly you will find that in this time your confidence and skills have greatly improved.