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Electronic Music Production

Learn synthesis, programming beats, mixing and remixing with Logic or Ableton

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Four weeks of daily sessions to kickstart your life in music.

Available for Logic and Ableton.

This course is only available in the Summer

Course Level

This course is the best way to get started producing music, with the same tools and techniques used to create your favourite records.
Previous experience or musical knowledge is not required. As long as you have an interest in producing music, we'll guide you every step of the way.

If you DO have some experience with Logic, Ableton, FL Studio or other software, this course is the perfect way to fill the inevitable gaps in the knowledge of any self-taught producer, answering your questions about music theory, mixing, sound design and how to promote your music when it's ready.

Only Electronic?

The techniques covered in this course apply equally well to pop, r'n'b, and many other styles of music. The focus of our course however remain electronic music: all forms of dance, house, techno, progressive, urban, hip-hop, grime, dubstep, trap, or anything more experimental.

All these genres have one thing in common: the sound quality and the choice of sounds are almost more important than the notes you play. So while there are many other places where you can learn Logic or Ableton, here we look specifically at how to use Logic or Ableton to produce tracks with a particular sound.

Zero Requirements

You don't need to own a computer or have any knowledge of music theory. In our classes each student has a dedicated computer equipped with all the necessary software and sounds, and our staff are there to help at all times.
The only 'requirement' to enjoy this course is a sincere interest in music, in the sense of having an idea of what you like and the kind of music you'd like to produce.


Choose if you prefer using Apple's Logic or Ableton Live as your main instrument throughout the course.
The techniques and general concepts remain the same, but if you already know one you have the option of learning the other. Feel free to contact us if you'd like some advice on which course is better for you.

Course Outcome

While there is no limit to how much more you can study and learn, we expect that by the end of these four weeks you will be already capable of creating your music using samples and instruments, recording vocals if you want to, mixing it, and putting it online for everyone to hear.


after the course is over, you still get...

  • Two one-to-one sessions (via Skype or Google) to get further knowledge and feedback on your work - available for nine months from the end of the course.
  • Online access to Course Notes and resources for one year.
  • A downloadable copy of your Certificate (in case you lose the original, or to include with your curriculum).
  • Automatic reminders for events and opportunities that can help you get music jobs or reach wider audiences.


  • This course has given me the skills I needed to see my productions through from beginning to end.

    Aaron J Pillette

  • It's like I never really understood what to do with effects. Everything makes sense now.

    Michel Radzi

  • It's amazing when you're shown the way... It's not really about the fancy toys, it changes how you listen to sound.

    Shaun Gordon

  • I thought I knew what EQ does and how to use it… I was wrong. I’d recommend this course to anyone.

    Lucia Keller

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Next Courses

course code SU-510
course name Electronic Music Production (EMP)
dates and fees 17 July 2017 - £1250
to reserve a place email admissions

update: 3 July


Course Details

code SU-510
name Electronic Music Production
duration four weeks
frequency five days per week (daytime)
lecture times 10am-2pm (Logic option)
2pm-6pm (Ableton option)
level beginner/intermediate

Frequently Asked

Is there a minimum age for this course?
Yes, 15 years old.

Do you provide accommodation for students?
No, we recommend you search online for the best deals.
See below for the location of this particular course and use Google Maps to check for travel distance and times.

Will I get a Certificate at the end?
Yes, you will get a Certificate of Completion.

How to Apply

Contact our office to get more details and reserve a place on the next course.

We will ask you a few questions to make sure that this is the right choice for you, or suggest alternative options.

In partnership with:
Garnish Music Production School

This course is delivered in partnership with Garnish Music Production School in London

Course Location

All lectures take place in the facilities located at the Arthaus, 205 Richmond Road, London, E8 3NJ (approximately 10 minutes from Liverpool Street station by overground)