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Nine Weeks, every Tuesday from 6pm.

A unique opportunity to learn the secrets of a certain American sound. See how much of a difference can be made at every stage of the process: writing, arranging, working with harmonies, recording, producing and mixing.

Course Level

This course can be a great introduction for a complete beginner but it's also ideal for musicians who are already doing their own recording and mixing; in fact it's a great opportunity to see what a professional can do with additional production and arrangement, learn a few tricks and get inspired to try new ideas.

Course Content

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Critical analysis of selected recordings
  • Pre-production for recording sessions
  • Advanced midi programming, creating customised Grooves
  • Replacing virtual instruments with real ones
  • Composer's toolkit: many ways to start a song
  • Making the difference through arrangement: shaping the dynamics of a song
  • Recording techniques for drums, bass, guitar
  • The producer role: getting the most from studio and musicians
  • Vocal session: the difference between recording and 'producing' vocals
  • Harmonies for backing vocals and other instruments
  • Preparing the track for mixing
  • Final mix

Your Music

If you have a multi-track project that you can bring to our studio, or if you just have a song in your head, this is the chance to get the help and advice from a professional composer, arranger, and engineer, for a fraction of the cost of a single session with the same person.


Our studio is equipped with Pro Tools 12 and Logic Pro X but the concepts taught in this course apply to any recording system or platform. If you use a different software we can give you instructions on how to export your project in the best way for class analysis and additional production.

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Contact our office to ask about alternative options, and one-to-one sessions.

Course Details

unit code E-M01
name Evening Music Sessions
duration nine weeks
frequency Tuesdays

level beginner, intermediate

About the lecturer

Maurizio Metalli is a composer, arranger, sound engineer, with many years of experience working in Los Angeles' finest studios. He also founded L.A. Music Sessions, a company specialised in managing talent for remote recording sessions, making the best session musicians from that side of the Atlantic available to anyone with an internet connection, without the overheads of studio hire, travel arrangements, accommodation, etc.

We take the opportunity of Maurizio's current residence in London to bring you a course which is really a bit different from many others, as the emphasis here is on the human element of making records rather than a particular software or piece of equipment (note: technical knowledge is still required, and will be given during the sessions).

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