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A two-day course, NOT for beginners.

This course picks up where the official Logic 101 Apple certification left off, looking at more advanced features in every area of Logic to dramatically improve workflow and help creativity.

Level and requirements

  • This is an advanced course.
  • Logic 101 certification or equivalent experience is required for anyone who wish to make enroll.
  • We can't accept any responsibility and will not provide refunds for students that choose to take this class without having the necessary knowledge of Logic Pro X.
  • Experienced users of older versions of Logic should also consider attending a Logic 101 course first, or study on their own using Apple's official course book.
  • If in doubt, contact the school to discuss your situation before making a booking online.


Day one - Logic 201
Working with Pitch and Time
Arrange editor, working with multiple arrangements
Advanced Audio Editing, editing mix groups
Repairing drums with marquee transients
Advanced MIDI editing, selective editing, transform functions
Day two - Logic 201
Step Editor, working with custom lane editor sets
Advanced Mixer features, groups, stacks, VCAs
Mix signal flow, hardware inserts, side-chains
Automating multiple tracks at once, fine adjustments
Region automation VS Track automation
MIDI effects plugins
Real-time MIDI processing in the environment
Optimising settings for latenct and delay compensation

Course book (optional)

Some of the material is drawn from the Logic Pro X Advanced Audio Production book by David Dvorin, some of it created especially for this course, covering additional topics not dealt with elsewhere.

Purchasing and reading this book is not necessary in order to attend this class, but it can be a good additional reference after the course.

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Course Details

unit code LP-201
name Logic 201
duration two days
frequency Sat-Sun

level advanced

Frequently Asked

Is there an exam after the course?
No, this course gives a certificate based on attendance but no exam is required.

I have been using Logic for a couple of years, can I join this class even if I don't have a Logic certification?
We would recommend at least taking a couple of hours one-to-one tuition to assess your level before enrolling on this course

Is this course going to explain in detail how to use Logic's most advanced instruments (Alchemy, Sculpture, ES2, etc)?
No, this course is about the core Digital Audio Workstation features in Logic; for synthesis and sound design we recommend booking a few hours of one-to-one sessions.