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Three days to get a better understanding of how the music industry works, and how it can work for you.

Course Level

Good for beginners, but even better if you have already some professional experience. This particular course has a special focus on dance music, but the topics covered are applicable to the industry in general.

Course Content

Programme and time-schedule for each day

DAY 1 - Industry, Identity, Exposure - (click here to expand)

10:00 am – Welcome

10:30am-12pm – Understanding the industry

  • What is the music industry? Recorded music, live music, events, online.
  • Who or what are big players? Labels, artists, clubs/festivals, media, brands, stores.
  • Constant evolution – challenges of the internet, the monetisation of music, the culture (and value) of 'free'.
  • Open floor discussion – Challenges and opportunities of the changing industry.

12-1pm – Lunch break

1pm-2:30pm – Branding and Identity

  • Why brand is (almost) everything.
  • Artist as brand, label as brand.
  • The brand story and why it matters.
  • Visuals: from logo to video – building a coherent identity.

2:30 pm – break

2:45 pm – Pushing your brand and building your networks

  • Key online platforms and honing a tailored strategy for each.
  • When should I give away content?
  • How do I harvest emails and increase interest in my product?
  • How do I turn hits/likes/plays into gigs and sales?

4.45 pm – break

5:15 pm – Discussion

  • The transition from bedroom producer to full-time artist.

7 pm – END

DAY 2 - Getting gigs, Touring, Promotion - (click here to expand)

10:30 am How important is live for artists?

  • Why live is key
  • Can you be or back a non-touring artist?
  • The people of live: agents, management and promoters – what they do, what they take and what to expect.
  • The business of live – finances and cashflow.
  • The problems of live – missed flights, canceled shows, non-paying promoters.
  • Balancing studio and the road: time vs creativity, production vs performance.

12:00 – Lunch break

1:00 pm – Getting gigs

  • Host-led discussion between agent and promoter about what they’re both looking for in artists and what artists can do to get gigs and maximize their earning potential.
  • Open-floor Q&A

2:30 pm – Afternoon break

2.45pm – Music finance

  • Now you’re earning money, how do you manage cashflow?
  • Business structures: the pros and cons of sole traders, partnerships and limited companies
  • No-nonsense guide to tax and allowable expenses
  • Five essential rules for staying in the black

4:45 pm – Afternoon break

5:15 pm – Do it yourself

  • Online opportunities - apps, streaming, new business models
  • Technological developments

7 pm – END

DAY 3 - Music and Monetisation - (click here to expand)

10.30 am – Running a dance music label

  • How do labels make their money? How has this changed in recent years? Where from?
  • Split between physical, digital, streaming, licensing.
  • New/future revenue streams – the impact of Spotify, the role of Beatport, the rise of Youtube – where and how can labels monetise their catalogue?
  • How much do artists / should artists get?

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 pm – Step-by-step guide to releasing a record

  • A leading independent dance label shares the story – and business reasoning – behind one of their biggest hits, from A&R and the signing to release and blowing up the charts.
  • Understand the timeline and work required to have a dance hit Open-floor Q&A with label owner.

3:00 pm – Afternoon break

3:30 pm – Other sources of income

  • Publishing and sync Library music Sound design.
  • samples, film, tv, video games Brand partnerships.

5:30 pm – Networking and closing drinks (we supply the beers)

7 pm – END

This course is developed in partnership with Sample Magic and Music Business School

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Course Details

code MBS-103
name Music Business Academy
duration three days
frequency three consecutive days
times from 10 am to 7 pm
level beginner / intermediate

Frequently Asked

Is there a minimum age for this course?
Yes, 18 years old.

Will I get a Certificate at the end?
Yes, you will get a Certificate of Completion.

Do you offer accommodation?
No, you are responsible for your own accommodation and meals.

How to Apply

Contact our office to get more details and reserve a place on the next course.

We will ask you a few questions to make sure that this is the right choice for you, or suggest alternative options.