Summer Courses :

Foundations of Sound Engineering

  • Learn how a recording studio works
  • Use microphones, analogue and digital mixers
  • Record and mix with Pro Tools.
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Two weeks of lectures plus one week of practical time to feel at home in any recording studio.

Create a finished track in your favourite style, as you learn to use the software used in most professional productions.

This course is only available in the Summer

Course Level

This course is meant for complete beginners but it covers A LOT in a very short time; if your only experience is with software like Logic, FL studio, Ableton, etc, you still count as beginner when it comes to using a mixing desk, microphones, etc.


Working with microphones, patch-bays and connections, analogue and digital mixing desks, recording and editing with Pro Tools

The skills and techniques covered in this course are valid for work in recording studios, broadcasting, sound design, live engineering for small venues and places of worship.

Your Music

We believe you learn more if working on a real project: if you play an instrument, sing, or if you have friends who do and that you can invite, we encourage you to use our facilities to record something that you can take away and keep working on after the course is over.


Besides a large collection of microphones, compressors, effects, and all the usual equipment you'd find in a recording studio, the main software used in this course is Pro Tools. The techniques you learn can obviously be applied to any other music software, but even if you prefer working with something else it is really important to know this one to understand why it is the industry-standard for recording and mixing at a professional level.


  • This course has given me the skills I needed to see my productions through from beginning to end.

    Aaron J Pillette

  • It's like I never really understood what to do with effects. Everything makes sense now.

    Michel Radzi

  • It's amazing when you're shown the way... It's not really about the fancy toys, it changes how you listen to sound.

    Shaun Gordon

  • I thought I knew what EQ does and how to use it… I was wrong. I’d recommend this course to anyone.

    Lucia Keller

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course name Foundations of Sound Engineering
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Course Details

code SU-520
name Foundations of Sound Engineering
duration two weeks
frequency five days per week (daytime)
level beginner

Frequently Asked

Is there a minimum age for this course?
Yes, 15 years old.

Do you provide accommodation for students?
No, we recommend you search online for the best deals. Check below for the location of this particular course and use Google Maps to check for travel distance and times.

Will I get a Certificate at the end?
Yes, you will get a Certificate of Completion.

How to Apply

Contact our office to get more details and reserve a place on the next course.

We will ask you a few questions to make sure that this is the right choice for you, or suggest alternative options.

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MPX Program

This course can be taken on its own or as part of the complete Music Production eXperience (MPX).

The MPX is a bundle of ALL our Summer Courses and it is aimed at providing a comprehensive experience of how music is composed, recorded, mixed and mastered.

Signing up for the MPX program you will have unlimited use of the school facilities for two months, AND save money compared to the cost of taking each class separately.

Call or email for more details.