Feedback and Reviews

How was your experience at London School of Sound?

We did a course at London School of Sound, where we felt we would be given that extra level to understand the programs we were working on. That’s really the beginning of where Nervo was born as artists/DJs.

We should encourage girls—even if they are not producers, even if they are singers—to record themselves and try and get a bit more techy with things.

Liv & Mim Nervo

Knowledge is Power, I always like to learn and that's why I came here.

The most important thing is to have an instructor that you can build a relationship with, that you can realy on even after I finish the course.

I would definitely recommend London School of Sound.

Fila (from Ali & Fila, Future Sound of Egypt)

I chose LSS because I heard that it was the best place to study music production in Europe. Literally one month after I finished my studies at LSS I sign my first label contract. Yeah….

I have studied a lot in the Internet before I went to LSS and in two days time they taught me everything that I had learned and more. So my advice for anyone that wants to be a musician or a music producer or a sound engineer, don’t think twice. Sign in to London School of Sound.

André Di Napoli

I really enjoyed my time at LSS. After leaving the school I started a band called Lonsdale Boys Club. Our single 'Light Me Up' was released to radio this weekend and has already played on BBC and Q.

Our remixes of The Gorillaz, Phoenix and The Wombats have reached radio in all four corners of the globe. It's very exciting and I will keep you updated.

Chris Richwhite

I am happy to say that I am working at a post production company in Amsterdam.

The London School of Sound really helped me during my learning process on how to produce music. Honestly I wish I could turn back time to the day I started there, it was such a great time!

Wessel-Jan van Zijderveld

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and all the teachers at LSS. I really appreciate their time and expertise and learnt so much from all the lessons.

I'm also really grateful for all the forwarded emails you sent out, as I am doing pretty well now thanks to the experiance I got from them. I have purchased enough equipment for location recording and am getting paid work for corporate shoots, doing the production mixing and recording. I have also been shortlisted in this competition for which i did the sound design for - LSS teaching is that good..;) Anyway, I hope you guys are all good. Thanks again for all your guidance.

Jassim Jaffer

The London School of Sound exceeds expectations and goes over and above yet again!

John Hipkiss

The tutors are knowledgeable and personable- willing to answer questions and share practical tips on technique and the industry both inside and outside of the classrooms.

The atmosphere is friendly and professional with up to date equipment and software to match. I will continue to go back to them as they have always delivered a great experience.

I have undertaken a full course as well as one-to-one tutoring sessions at London School of Sound over the last few years and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone interested in the field of Music Production.

Alex McCall

LSS gave me some powerful knowledge in all aspects of sound engineering, music production, music theory, and sound design.

Even though I started the course with basic knowledge, I initially felt bit "smarter" but I discovered that there were a lot more things to learn!

Philip Row

A massive thank you from us here at Edge Music London for the two wonderful and diligent students you helped send over to our event last night.

Beatrice Bonnano and Xian Dong were absolutely invaluable to our sound engineer, and to us as the events team, and we'd like to extend our thanks to you too and all at London School of Sound for putting them in touch with us.

Danielle, Edge Music London

My time at LSS was enjoyable and fruitful... I think that the teachers I had were inspirational and also motivational... and the open access to the school's facilities was great.

I also made some great friends in the two years I studied there, allowing me to develop diverse collaborations... and of course, I learned so many technical skills, from music production and sound engineering, live sound and sound design to elements of composition and advanced mixing and studio techniques.

Hassan Moyheddin

After I finished my music foundation course in Cambridge, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue studying music or music production.

Fortunately I decided to go down the Music Production road and I have learned and developed myself in many ways more than I expected.
I now have a greater knowledge about the process of making a track, skills to be a better producer and sound engineer, the industry and most importantly knowing what I want to do as my career.

Nima Khaste

When I first got here I didn't even know of the existence of Logic/Reason/Ableton, I had no clue of how to produce an electronic song.

Sound Engineering as well, all the knowledge I got now is because of LSS and I have to say, I think I made a great decision coming here.

Luca Cerruti

LSS has helped me see new techniques in mixing and mastering, showed me a different way to start a mix, correct common mistakes, and helped me to appreciate what is important in each song.

The sound is not in the machines, or expensive equipment. The sound is in yourself. You just have to learn how. LSS is the place!

Adrian Charras